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Watercolor painting done during a class. Simple. Soft. Complex.

My Story

I was very young when I first held a pencil, pen and brush. Textures, patterns and colors spoke to me all the time. This continues today and is key to the next art piece. Writing is another  art form and I use the written word to craft my latest story. Sometimes I mix the two by adding words in calligraphic form to an art piece. 


Art and Design, Creative Writing and Illustrating

Currently my medium of choice is acrylic paint. which I use on small, medium and large wooden luaun panels. I continue to offer commission work using various mediums. Your choice!


My Inspiration

Everyday there are people, places and things that inspire me and this is where I get the foundation for my next creative endeavor. I always find opportunities or they find me. 

the fine line with ART and writing



Portraits of people and/or pets, house designs each rendered in watercolor and colored pencil or graphite are my strong suit.  Calligraphy or lettering can be  interpreted to create a unique sign board or used along with art for a personalized work. Wall Art and Murals bring art to life in a BIG way. 

Copy writing  is another strong area I use with creative interpretation to bring a story to life.  

Historical Fiction novel is now released!

FAITH ON FIRE - Thy Will Be Done is published by Gatekeepers Press. This story is Historical Fiction and based during the Civil War. It is told through the eyes of my great- grandfather and is set in the Boston area. Available online through most book stores i.e. Barnes & Noble, The Bookery, Gibson Books, Amazon, etc.

TODAY IS THE DAY - Award Winning Military Thriller available online through every book store. A young man answers the call to serve when threats via shortwave radio prove impending strikes to the homeland and his family becomes a target.  


Murals are my current work passion and the city of Manchester is seeing a group of us providing a much needed respite from negative graffiti.  The Wall Flowers have done amazing art work. To be continued!



My baseball artwork is on display in the guest suites at the NH Fisher Cats Baseball stadium. 

Water and boats are a healing theme used in my fine art that is displayed in the Dartmouth Hitchcock Cancer wing of Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH 


Paxton Days

How do you write a novel?



  • This Massachusetts town is where one part of the Wait family settled in the late 1700's through to today. FAITH ON FIRE  Novel will be available on this day of fun, crafts and more!


How do you write a novel?


Civil War novel & e-book available online through Barnes and Noble etc., and also through Amazon.

  • This fascinating Civil War story is based on Robert Wait, the author's great-grandfather. This story of spies and secret messaging will capture your interest.

How do you write a novel?

How do you write a novel?

How do you write a novel?


  • The art of crafting a story begins with  a class, workshop, or finding other like minded people. A beginning, middle and end sets the parameters and off you go!

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